At first we will understand that such favourite business and why it to look for. One of the most important parameters of satisfaction life is finding of business which brings to you: 1–pleasure, 2 – the worthy income. If there is a pleasure, but there is no money is a hobby if there is money, but there is no pleasure is a work (and it is not important – hired or on itself). How to find favourite business, having avoided mistakes?

Favourite business combines these two parties and consequently many people want it to find, but not at all these it turns out. It occurs because by search a number of mistakes is made.

I made peculiar charts of such mistakes. 10 critical mistakes by search of favourite business:

1. You try to be engaged in business which does not light you personally. It can be to as much as popular, other people bringing in the quite good income, you can save up a lot of knowledge in this sphere, but … Personally it does not mention you, at you eyes thus do not burn and it is necessary to force to do itself something rather.

2. You have no abilities for this business. Each person has the certain tendencies, any affairs at it turn out better, any is worse. You perfectly cross stitch, but do not like to make financial reports. You like to drive on a motorcycle, but hardly take out routine, repeating actions on the conveyor. It is not necessary to try to become the versatile person who is good in everything. Will be very mediocre performer.

3. It is absolutely not demanded. In what you want to be engaged, anybody does not interest any more. Or very narrow circle of people interests. In that case, your occupation is doomed to be a hobby. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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4. The high competition, many people are engaged in this business. Return to point 3 situation: too many people already go this blazed track. It is not necessary to go in for cloning of ideas. The copy is always worse than the original.

5. You did not find the uniqueness. Badly know the features, tendencies, abilities. Do not know, than could be allocated among other people, engaged in with this business.

6. You are not ready to act. You can vegetate on the gray work and dream of something the best, however you are not ready to make resolute actions on finding of the business.

7. You are not ready to listen to yourselves, the desires. With yourselves you consider all work simply as a whim and entertainment, mistrustfully treat everyones to "thin matters» like Soul, Dream, Calling.

8. You actually do not want anything to change in the life. Even if something strongly is not pleasant to you on your present work it is habitual. You simply play game with yourselves «I will try to change something». You are not ready to leave a comfort zone really.

9. The general negative spirit to life, disbelief in possibility to change it. Whiners and pessimists are doomed. «If you consider that at you it will turn out – at you it will turn out. If you consider that at you it will not turn out – at you (Henry Ford) will not turn out».

10. Low self-image, disbelief in the forces. Probably, because of education you simply do not see the strengths and do not believe that you are worthy the best that at you can turn out – to be engaged in that is pleasant to you, and to earn worthy money. As in that history about an elephant: a small elephant calf adhere a thick rope to a curbstone that did not run away. When the elephant grows, it adhere a thin rope to a small column. The elephant does not try to run away at all – it learned a lesson that it is impossible.

As you can see, the part of mistakes is connected with external factors (3,4), but the majority belongs to your internal spirit. Operating it, you can find favourite business, and the rest is technologies: to find the necessary information, to organize, issue etc.

The main thing – to understand itself.