To achieve success in any field of activity, it is necessary to have certain qualities and traits of character. Known psychologist Charles Jung considered that everyone judge on that image, which everyone примеривает before issue. The image maker is necessary to you?

As often it is necessary to hear from people around that they are talented, formed, purposeful – and, nevertheless, cannot achieve success in a professional field.

According to researches of psychologists, 85 % of people make the opinion on the person in the first 10-20 seconds of a meeting. This first impression dominates for a long time. Subsequently you should spend many efforts to change it. Therefore, your look – some kind of "packing", and in many respects depends on it, whether the exacting consumer will want to estimate contents.

For years of the professional activity more than once paid attention to how many people aspiring to success are not able to submit themselves properly. But as those who worked over own image, especially by means of professionals differ!

Let’s try deal with the concept "image". Literally from English «image» it is transferred as "image". Image of the person – that image which is perceived by people around. And, perceive all sense organs therefore it is important both a perfume smell, and appearance, clothes, gait, and a voice timbre, a manner to tell, and even damp palms can hopelessly spoil business.

For a long time ability is correct to present itself to public was considered as the highest art of the public figure. But, agree with me, situations when it is necessary to make impression, arise in life of any person. For example, on interview to be allocated from crowd of competitors. Here after all one successful suit a little. It is necessary to develop the general concept of behavior – how to behave, shake hands, smile, than to gain the employer, considering all information on firm and the head … Laziness to read? Then listen!

Yury Beringov reads

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Personal style – the most significant way of self-expression. What it is possible to advise to the person who brought itself an attention to the question – «who I am?», «what my mission in society?»
First, «the road will master going». I suggest you to consider, describe and purposefully to form that image which can become over time yours.
Secondly, every day, before an exit from the house, think of what tasks to you should be solved today. The person plays every day many different social roles – the driver of a car, the head of the company, the leader of political movement …

And if you face that people perceive you not how you it would like, – it is possible, it is time to find time for formation of the image, involving in consultations of the professional image maker.

The image maker – the expert who helps to design and present that image which will correspond in the best way to expectations of an environment of this person.

Emergence of this profession in Russia began with experiment on presidential election. 1996. The selective company on an election of the president of Russia. The President has a rating of popularity of 5 %, and at the competitor in 3 times is higher. In five months the rating from 5 % develops into 50 %. Improbably, improbably! Who stands up for this take-off of popularity? The American professional image makers coped with a task, it is correct спозиционировав image of future president of Russia.

As result, in a year Boris Yeltsin as a special gesture to professionalism of image makers officially enters a position of the image maker into the staffing table of Presidential Administration of Russia. His daughter Tatyana Dyachenko becomes the first official image maker of the president. Since then any selective company does not do without group of experts in image.

Barbara Walters, the TV host who has become famous for interview to celebrities, warns: «It is not necessary to expect that the real identity of a celebrity in accuracy coincides with its professional personality. Image of the self-confident person is no more than a part of an invented image…». But if the appearance – clothes, a make-up, perfumery, a mimicry – you create" the image and will correspond to it some time, image becomes your daily card.]