Often in conversation it is possible to hear – «during a meeting it kept very naturally». What would it mean? It appears, the pose during conversation is important for an assessment of our vis-a-vis. What does manner to behave mean?
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The person sits or costs? How the body case is located? How lie on a table of a hand? How it moves? – involuntarily we pay attention to all this. Human communication – difficult process of a mimicry and impellent activity. Unconscious language of a body can tell about internal state of the partner.

External appeal depends on ability to own a body – gait, a pose, ability to move gracefully and smoothly. Whether you paid attention that our body is in dynamics. Accepting this or that pose, the body sends certain signals. As a rule, the counterbalanced people reach balance – internal and external. How? Situation by a foot is the indicator of balance of a body – balance. The balance of a body helps to find the center of gravity and to find feeling of confidence. In a condition of balance of a muscle relax, an internal works well, without testing overloads. This factor improves mood and the general tone of an organism.

Our grandmothers forced us to sit directly, and did perfectly! For a long time people paid attention to a bearing. Than pryamy the person outwardly looks, especially equal temper it differs. Thus, from ability it is correct to keep appearance depends.

How it is possible to check at itself balance existence?
Rise, pass blindly with small steps forward. The steady position of feet, good orientation in space or tension of muscles of a body – all this testifies to existence or absence of balance. Results of dough should not puzzle you. It is enough to repeat exercise for several weeks. You will see that over time will start to gain the increasing stability.

How to learn it is correctly to behave?
First of all, pay attention to gait. When walking position of feet extremely important. Feet carry us. It is good, when loading is distributed evenly on all foot, that is you put feet in parallel each other. If at us the unsuccessful footwear, balance is broken, gait spoils, there is a tension in a back that over time can lead to problems with health. And here if feet stand on width of shoulders, the trunk will be mobile and will not lose balance. Position of feet indicates the direction which is chosen unconsciously by the person. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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Gait too signals about intentions of the person. Except position of feet, gait is influenced by position of the case of a body. Two options are observed usually:
– case inclination forward;
– case inclination back.
It is noticed that the case inclination forward is characteristic for elderly people. Cargo of years as though pulls them down. But, surprising business when the elderly person straightens shoulders, moves promptly – you already never will give it his age.

Whether you asked ever a question how go? Your gait is dynamic, free, weakened? Try to test itself – pass a small piece, putting feet socks inside and outside, having given one-two minutes for each option:
– Gait orientation outside: whether you feel an internal stiffness?
– Gait orientation inside: whether you how it is heavy to go thus forward noticed? Feel restrictions which you on yourselves impose, staying in this situation.

Gait distinctly reflects momentary internal state of the person. Cуществуют some features which characterize us in the opinion of people around.

Wide, flying gait testifies to excess of energy, and inconstancy is peculiar to her owner. Fussy gait testifies to intention to represent employment. Strained, shuffling – always adds age it to the owner. It as though приземляет the person, shows, how difficult to it is. If socks look inside – such gait corresponds to introverts. It is difficult to such person to open itself before other people, and he often feels uncertainly in the course of communication. Gait most authentically characterizes the person and shows, it was possible to it to find internal balance or not.

Gathering for an important meeting, choose a pose harmonious and natural to this situation. Accuracy, smartness always testified to concentration, respect of the person for people around. Careless appearance, unsteady (unstable) gait causes rejection.

It is necessary to work over development of gait natural to you and poses, to carry out the test for existence of internal balance. Soon you will notice that freely operate a body, start to gain big stability.

Such purposeful work will lead you to achievement of success!]