We constantly live in fear. For itself, the health, a family, the car, the house. We are afraid that we will break in ice the car earned by back-breaking toil that the drunk from the next apartment will not switch off the iron, and a family living from above, will flood that thieves will pull out from "fortress" everything without remainder and leave without means of support. The fear to remain without money pursues us everywhere. What for a profession «the insurance agent»?
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Perhaps from the word "fear" also there was an insurance, insurance company, the insurance agent? Think, after all this profession – simply pot of gold. While the person while the horror lives in it is live to remain without a crumb, the insurer has work and bread … with caviar.

You yet did not want to become the insurance agent, by all means? Is not present? Then familiarize with 4 pluses of this profession.

Plus No. 1: the salary is not limited and depends only on your desire and working capacity. Want 10 thousand dollars a month? Yes easily! The main thing – to aspire to them with all the heart and not to sit in place. Some organizations offer those who only starts to work, system of bonuses, that is monetary encouragement, others provide to the employees who do not have own living space, the apartment by installments.
Plus No. 2: career growth in insurance business is provided (certainly, at the appendix of some efforts). To wear the road from the simple employee to the president of the company, moving in millions, it is quite real (the same condition).
Plus No. 3: corporate training. If you in insurance, so to speak, "teapot", experts in the organization train you in 1-2 weeks in all knowledge of insurance. By the way, here and there to especially diligent and active listeners pay a grant. «And that, ten dollars not the superfluous!.»
Plus No. 4: the flexible hours of work will allow you to sleep since morning, slowly to drink a coffee cup, to make a charging, to walk with a doggie and in great mood to go to earn it on a forage. And it is possible and to combine with other work and even study! Here, for example, your colleague constantly is afraid that her dwelling (fie-fie-fie!) will plunder or the neighbor addict, without having switched off gas, will burn the house. Suggest it to insure the apartment – the friend is quiet for material values, and you in cash.

Let’s say you are already in absentia enamoured of this profession. And what is necessary to become the insurer?
The most important requirement is, certainly, age. Dispose of money can and the person which has reached majority has the right under the law only. And here the top level is not limited. The pensioners suitable on other parameters can work even.
Personal qualities, such as activity, commitment, persistence, enterprise and, needless to say, communicativeness. Here it is necessary to remind of the work. The insurer should look for constantly the potential clients capable (on a material condition) to insure itself and the property to offer and "process": to agitate, persuade, prevail upon. Here in it all difficulty of a profession. The suspended language, ability to convince – the extremely necessary things in this case.

Other requirements meet not always and not in all companies:
Average and special or higher education.
Existence of the client base.
After the completion of corporate training (if it in general is), you should pass examination, having answered questions, it seems «Real estate insurance». And still to pass interview on which experts will define your professional suitability.
In each company the charter which points need to submit. For example, (sometimes astronomical) employees are obliged to hand over the sum of money received from the client in cash desk no later than in three days after the conclusion of the transaction. Otherwise – farewell, work. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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As a rule, the more, more known, "raskruchenny" the organization, the more requirements it has to the employee. But, notice, together with its prestige insurance cost, and consequently, and percent – your salary grows also.

It is not excluded that affairs at you will go not at once uphill: money will not begin to flow the rivers, and clients will not trample herds. "Veterans" of insurance craft argue that over time everyone has the counter: someone takes a pressure, another – talent of the psychologist and ability to convince, and the third – having smile and charm.
The main thing – to believe in the forces and not to stop on the reached!.